Theorizing Human and Microbial Relations

“Theorizing Human and Microbial Relations” assembles interdisciplinary scholars from four University of California campuses to foster sustained humanistic and social scientific engagement on and theorization of the science of the human microbiome. Our research questions address the knowledge production processes of microbiome scientists and the social impacts of microbiome research; drawing on interdisciplinary approaches from seven academic fields, we critically study this paradigm shift in the biological sciences and public consciousness.

Participants will develop individual research projects and map advances in microbiome science, as well as build a robust, multi-media website to forge connections with other humanistic scholars and audiences outside the university. We carry out our engagement in collaboration with scientists, food producers, artists, and educators working with microbes in the form of compelling online content, and conclude our year-long engagement with a public assembly, featuring the various individuals, collectives, and organizations with which we fostered connections.


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