What We Are Reading (fall 2016)

For fall quarter 2016, we are meeting weekly to read across our various interests in microbiosociality. Topics include:

Holobiont / Hologenome

  1. Seth Bordenstein and Kevin Theis, Host Biology in Light of the Microbiome: Ten Principles of Holobionts and Hologenomes
  2. Seth Bordenstein, Getting the Hologenome Concept Right: An Eco-Evolutionary Framework for Hosts and Their Microbiomes.
  3. Donna Haraway, Ch 3 from Staying with the Trouble


  1. Dodds, Walter K. 2009. Laws, Theories, and Patterns in Ecology. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
  2. Fitzsimmons, Margaret. 2004. “Engaging Ecologies.” Pp. 30-47 in P. Cloke, P. Crang, and M. Goodwin (eds.), Envisioning Human Geographies. London: Hodder Education.
  3. Robbins, Paul. 2012. Political Ecology Second Edition. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
  4. Latour, Bruno. 1998. “To Modernize or to Ecologize? That’s the Question.” Pp. 221-242 in N. Castree and B. Willems-Braun (eds.), Remaking Reality: Nature at the Millennium. New York: Routledge.
  5. Walker, Peter A. 2005. “Political Ecology: Where is the Ecology?” Progress in Human Geography 29(1): 73-82.
  6. Kirksey, Eben. 2015. Emergent Ecologies. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
  7. Morton, Timothy. 2010. “Guest Column: Queer Ecology” PMLA 273-82.

Gaming and Microbiobology

  1. Plague Inc.” & Lorenzo Servitje, “H5N1 for Angry Birds: Plague Inc., Mobile Games, and the Biopolitics of Outbreak Narratives” Science Fiction Studies 43.1 (2016).
    1. Pandemic” is the progenitor game in this genre
  2. Pandemic: Legacy fan media
  3. Flow
  4. Bacteria Simulator
  5. “Spore”: trailer & cell stage playthrough video

Microbial Ecology

  1. Costello et al, “Application of ecological theory towards an understanding of the human microbiome” Science 2012
  2. Benezra et al, “Anthropology of Microbes” PNAS 2012
  3. Ashley Shade, “Diversity is the question, not the answer,” The ISME Journal advance online publication 16 September 2016;


  1. Jamie Lorimer, “Gut Buddies: Multispecies Studies and the Microbiome”Environmental Humanities (2016) 8(1): 57-76
  2. Stefan Helmreich, “Homo Microbis: the Human Microbiome, Figural, Literal, Political” thresholds 42 (2014): 52-59.
  3. Lorimer, et al “Rewilding: Science, Practice, and Politics” Annual Review of Environment and Resources Vol. 40: 39-62 (2015)
  4. Natasha Myers with Carla Hustak (2012) ‘Involutionary Momentum: Affective Ecologies and the Sciences of Plant/Insect Encounters‘ in differences: a journal of feminist cultural studies 23(3): 74-117. Special Issue “Feminist Theory Out of Science” edited by Sophia Roosth and Astrid Schrader.

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